Software that works for you

Comfortable digital environments that make people feel at ease = good for your business.


Software nowadays is all around us. The web made a major impact on the way we life and do business. We also carry our digital device everywhere we go. In the near future these digital integrations will change us even more. Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, just to name a few are going to be the next big things. These developments are going to challenge us again and again on how we perceive and deal with life and how we get the best of it.

At Elstgeest Ventures we love to create software that makes you happy in your daily life and work. We choose to look ahead and be a part of creating a better future by simply making good software that enables you to get the most out of these wonderful new technologies that are and will be coming available. All this to create a better life for everyone.


When we develop and create software solutions we start with the users that will create value for our clients. These users are the ones that will buy more from you, work better for you or give you other advantages over your competition when they are at ease without our customers' digital environment. People are comfortable when a digital interface is well designed, looks good, is pleasant to use and is easy to understand. Make it well accessible and manage it properly and people will feel this. For your most important business partner, your customer, it is important to attract them with attractive digital journey of your products and services. By doing so, you create comfort and trust that will convince them to buy from you and come back for more.

Start with the user /

Be it customer, employee or other business partner, when the user feels at ease with you digital environment, he or she will create more value for your business. Happy customers buy more and happy employees simply work better.

Keep it simple /

We believe software should work for you and not the other way around. By keeping it simple and effective it is easier to avoid expensive trainings and thick user manuals.

Stay ahead /

We always look ahead. "Where are we going to?" or "How do we increase our chances from where we stand now?". Learn from the past and look to the future! Stay fresh!

/ Plan and stay realistic

Planning IT projects can be hard and most projects fail. Although it is understandable, it is also unnecessary. It is not hard to look at these issues from another perspective and increase your control and decrease risk. (If you know SCRUM, you know what we are talking about). We use this method and are able to learn you how to look at it this way and save a lot of money and frustration.

/ Write once and reuse (endlessly)

Ironically, duplicate development is not uncommon in the software industry. If you write an app for iOS it often has to be rewritten for Android or your website, even when algorithms are exactly the same! We don't do that. We write software that does not needs to be rewritten to make it work on different platforms. There might still be differences due to hardware or platform specifics, but your specific algorithms will be reuseable.


Attract, engage and retain your customers with the best user experience. Make your digital shop a tempting experience, where people like to return to, are open for your advice and purchase your products or visit your physical shop with pleasure.

Nowadays, a digital costumer attraction strategy is a must have for every company. Give your costumer the best digital user experience.

Website /
(more than just a digital business card)

  Responsive   Relevant   Secure   Search engine optimized (SEO)
 + CMS  + Multilanguage

Mobile app /
(have them come back)

  Fast   On premise   iOS   Android
 + Multilanguage  + Windows phone

Desktop applications /
(use their big screens)

  Quickly accessible   Easy   Comfortable
 + Multilanguage  + Windows Store

Virtual Reality /
(the next level)

+ Unique experience  + Panorama based  + Virtual 3D world  + (Custom) Cardboard  + Goggles 

Augmented Reality /
(enter the future)

  Instinctively intuitive   Easy spatial awareness   Pioneering   Fun
 + Unity  + Unreal  + Windows  + Mac

Software development /

 + Management  + Recruitment  + Concept generation  + Workshops  + IP


Do you have any questions or request go ahead and contact us. We are pleased to help you with your digital ideas, challenges and plans.